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Welcome to Becoming Legacy – a youth empowerment platform that aims to positively impact South African urban youth with a message of hope for their future. 

The project was launched on 23 May 2017 and has since showcased the stories of prominent South African personalities. These stories are based on the understanding that children in townships and inner cities do not receive the same quality education or opportunities as those in suburbs or wealthy neighbourhoods. This is why the Becoming Legacy message is taken to high schools, universities and youth clubs. We believe it is here that we have the best opportunity to reach out and touch a generation of young people. It is here that we can directly interact and answer their burning questions.

The team, led by founder Shaun Naidoo, shares insights on how young people can chase after their dreams, encouraging and helping them change their attitudes to the future. Put simply, the programme is about taking one step towards the students, showing genuine care about their challenges - refusing to give up on them and of course, building hope. The project welcomes students from all walks of life - ensuring that no one is left behind.

The demand for our message increases with each new location visited. There is a constant call from youth across South Africa. With unemployment rates constantly showing disturbing numbers, it is clear that our youth are even struggling to find the most basic of jobs. So, the prospect of anything career-worthy is often beyond the reach of most young people. 

Now more than ever, young people need to have hope. Without hope, there is no incentive to work hard and to pursue greatness. Without hope, there is no reason to remain in school or reach for university access. Without hope, there can be no legacy. 

Phefeni High School

Kwadedangendlela High School

Kwadedangendlela High School

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As we wrap up #MandelaDay2018 we are proud to share a sneak peek into one of our university talks. Here @ShaunNaidoo inspires the youth by sharing intimate details about his past failures and how he turned those into success. If you find our message valuable, please share it, especially with the young people in your network that could use a little bit of #hope.

In episode 25 of Talk with Confidence TV Producer, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Mr. Shaun Naidoo tells his story of how he bounced back from failure and pursuing your dreams and true calling. Click, watch, enjoy.

#ItStopsWithMe Full Video

Becoming Legacy invited some entertainment industry professionals to discuss sexual harassment that is rife in the film and television industry. Hosted by SABC news presenter Chriselda Lewis, the panel had an open discussion in front of an audience of film students from AFDA in Johannesburg. 

Presented by Becoming Legacy

In the wake of shocking revelations that began with high profile figures such as Harvey Weinstein, Becoming Legacy has invited a panel of industry practitioners to discuss the impact sexual harassment has on the entertainment industry. As a youth empowerment organisation with a mission to impact young people with a message of hope for their future, we believe that it is important for us to provide a platform where these issues can be discussed.  

Each of our panelist bring a wealth of knowledge as industry professionals. They have invaluable insights that will help equip young people to deal with some of the harsh realities they may face at auditions or interviews.


Becoming Tumisho Masha


Want to become an actor? Watch Becoming @TumishoMasha for insights on how to achieve that dream.

Becoming Khuli Chana


@KhuliChana is a rapper and judge on ‘The Hustle’, so if you want to get in the game, you have to watch this...

Becoming David Tlale


@DavidTlale is an international fashion house. Watch our conversation with him to find out how you could follow your path to fashion success.

Becoming Tumisho Masha

Acclaimed actor and film producer Tumisho Masha reveals intimate details about his career thus far.  He is the first South African to play ‘Nelson Mandela’ (Mandela’s Gun) in an international film. In May 2018, Masha won a Best Actor award at the Harlem International Film Festival for his portrayal of Mandela.

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